Office of the President

Revisions to Certificate Programs; Supercedes EM 78-011; Superceded by 02-010

Executive Memorandum 95-011 June 19, 1995

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Revisions to Certificate Programs; Supercedes EM 78-011; Superceded by EM 02-010

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the Provost, I approve the proposed revisions to Certificate Programs effective Fall 1995. This document supercedes EM 78-011.


A certificate program shall be defined as a group of university-level courses or related experiences certified by academic units as equivalent to university coursework on this campus. Successful completion of such a program shall be recognized with a certificate of completion awarded by the University.

Students shall qualify for admission to certificate programs only if they are admissible by university and department standards, policies, and procedures. Students qualifying for admission may be completing or have completed a baccalaureate and wish to receive additional certification in a professionally oriented field of study, or the student may choose not to go beyond the program of courses and activities required for the certificate.

The certificate program shall be devised with consent of the department curriculum committee, the department, and the college curriculum committee and shall then be submitted for approval to the Education Policies and Programs Committee and the Provost. In addition, the expertise of the professional group involved with the certificate program should be sought and incorporated into the program. All appropriate areas, departments, and colleges that may likely be serviced by such an offering shall be consulted.

The educational experiences to be provided in a certificate program will be those considered appropriate for degree programs including, but not limited to, regular campus classes, extension degree-credit classes, and additional internship experience where required. Existing courses in the appropriate major and whenever possible in ancillary areas should be incorporated.

The certificate program shall include no fewer than 21 units, at least 15 of which must be in upper-division or graduate work. Lower-division prerequisites may be included in the program as necessary. A maximum of 9 units of transfer credit may be allowed in a certification program.

A grade point average of 2.5 must be earned for courses required for the certificate program with at least a "C" earned in each course.

Certificate programs shall be initiated in the same way as degree and minor programs and shall undergo the same subsequent review processes. Thus certification programs will be specifically addressed when the most closely related degree program undergoes its periodic (Five-Year) review.

Certificate Policy Review: The Academic Senate shall review the policy in the second year after approval and thereafter every third year.