Office of the President

Campus Card Project

Executive Memorandum 95-015 August 04, 1995

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Campus Card Project


For the past year, California State University, Chico has been working cooperatively with Wells Fargo Bank, and Diebold to establish a campus card system by which all identification, administrative, financial and facilities access transactions can take place with the use of one magnetic-striped card.

Currently, this card can be used by students to access personal academic records, establish computer accounts, and purchase discount tickets to campus events through the University Box Office. The Associated Students are currently using the campus card to operate a work time-clock system and a bad check control system. It is anticipated that many more applications will be developed to benefit the students, their parents, and the University.

To reap the most benefit from this project, it is important for the campus and campus auxiliaries to become unified in their continuing efforts to improve operations through automation and technology. Therefore, I approve of the following Policy for Campus Card ID/Transactions Use.

  • All CSU, Chico departments and auxiliaries will use the Campus Card for all future systems based on a persona identification/transaction device.
  • All existing card-driven systems will be converted to use the Campus Card system by 1999.