Office of the President

Policy on Performance Salary Step Increases

Executive Memorandum 95-023 (Rescinded) December 14, 1995; Rescinded January 6, 2012

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Policy on Performance Salary Step Increases (Rescinded)

On the recommendation of the Academic Senate, I approve the following policy and procedures on performance salary step increases. This policy also becomes part of the FPPP and is effective immediately.


Performance Salary Step Increases (PSSIs)

This policy implements Sections 31.17 through 31.35 of the Memorandum of Understanding for Unit Three Faculty employees (henceforth "faculty"). The goal is to reward outstanding Unit Three employees with permanent increases to their base pay. (For the purposes of this program, in cases where a School does not have departments, the School shall be considered equivalent to a department and the Director equivalent to a Dean. "Department" means the appropriate academic unit; "Chair" means the head of that unit.)


PSSIs are to be awarded for outstanding or meritorious performance in the area of teaching, as well as other professional accomplishments and service to the university community. Faculty are to be evaluated in accordance with the performance requirements stated in MOU Article 20.1, plus any officially designated goals of the President.

The minimum necessary criterion for award of any PSSI is good teaching.

The minimum necessary criterion for award of any PSSI to faculty whose primary job responsibilities do not include teaching (e.g. , coaches, librarians, and counselors) is good performance in those activities that support the University's teaching mission. Specification of those activities will be established by the department review committee in the first year of the program, and amended as necessary.


Only the faculty member's performance since his or her last promotion or last PSSI, but in no case activities prior to August 1, 1992, shall be considered (henceforth the "qualifying period").

All faculty may submit an application or be nominated by another faculty member or academic administrator. Applications and nominations shall be submitted to the department chair, who shall forward the original to the department committee and a copy to the President or designee.

Each department will elect a review committee of three tenured faculty, which may include the department chair. Individuals being considered for a PSSI are ineligible to serve on any review committee. If there are insufficient tenured departmental faculty to comprise a review committee, tenured faculty from other departments may be selected by the department in forming the committee.

Applications will consist of a list of accomplishments and a narrative, both of which may only relate to the qualifying period. The narrative shall not exceed three double-spaced pages. Application forms will be provided by the President or designee.

The review committee will verify the information contained in the list of accomplishments and make recommendations regarding the awarding of PSSIs. The recommendation will be the number of PSSIs deserved by the applicant (0-4 in Academic Year 1995/96, 0-5 in subsequent years). The committee will also provide a narrative, not to exceed 150 words, explaining each recommendation.

The review committee will forward its recommendations to the President and/or academic administrators, who shall make the final determination of PSSI awards.

The President and/or designee(s) shall follow MOU Sections 31.28 through 31.31 in granting PSSIs.

The President shall annually publish a list of the persons receiving PSSIs and the number of salary increments awarded in each case.

Nominees who receive a favorable recommendation from their review committee and who subsequently fail to receive a PSSI are eligible to have the denial reviewed by a Peer Review Panel, as established by the President in accordance with MOU Sections 31.36 through 31.42.


The official goals (ref. 37.1.a) of the President are listed in The Strategic Plan for the Future.

Departments shall state the means by which they will verify the list of accomplishments by January 23, 1996 in the first year of the program and by September 15 of subsequent years.

Applications and nominations must be made by February 2, 1996 in the first year of this program and by October 1 of subsequent years.

The review committee shall forward its recommendations to the President or designee(s) by March 15, 1996 in the first year of the program and by December 1 of subsequent years.

The President or designee(s) shall determine the number of PSSIs to be awarded to each nominee by April 1, 1996 in the first year of this program and by January 1 of subsequent years.

The list of persons receiving PSSIs (ref. 37.2.h) shall be published within two months of the awards.

Deadlines for the Peer Review Panel are established in the MOU.