Office of the President

Policy on Appointment to an Endowed Chair

Executive Memorandum 95-024 December 18, 1995

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Policy on Appointment to an Endowed Chair

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and Provost McNall, I approve EM 95-024, the Policy on Appointment to an Endowed Chair, effective immediately, with a minor change. The change is made in order to bring this policy into compliance with the MOU, which gives the president authority to appoint someone with tenure. This policy also becomes Section 38 of the FPPP.



  • Endowed chairs are intended for scholars and teachers distinguished by wide recognition of their professional accomplishments. A chair may be used to honor a distinguished faculty member or to attract a new faculty member to the University.
  • An endowed chair may be designated for (1) a tenured or tenure-track appointment, (2) a temporary appointment for a specified period of time, or (3) a series of temporary appointments. Appointments may be made on a semester, academic-year, or twelve-month basis.
  • University policies and procedures applicable to full-time faculty--temporary or tenure-track as appropriate--will be followed in the search, selection, appointments, and review processes. The President, in consultation with the faculty in whose department the chair will reside, may set aside article 12.7 of the FPPP, the requirement for a national search. The faculty in this department shall be informed of the endowed chair agreement before the appointment is made. The appointment shall be made by the President. If the recruitment process does not produce a fully qualified, viable candidate, it shall not be necessary to make an appointment.
  • Appointment to an endowed chair does not imply that tenure or subsequent temporary appointments will be awarded. Tenure is awarded only pursuant to the normal university policy and process. However, the president, after consultation, may appoint someone with tenure pursuant to 12.1 of the MOU. Upon receipt of tenure, the holder of an endowed chair will occupy the chair for the period of time specified in the endowment agreement or until retirement or reassignment by the President.