Office of the President

Policy on Auxiliary Formation and Management

Executive Memorandum 95-026 December 19, 1995

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Policy on Auxiliary Formation and Management

Upon the recommendation of the President's Cabinet, I approve this policy for implementation, effective immediately.


The purpose of auxiliary organizations is to assist the University achieve its mission by helping to meet the educational and operational needs of the campus. The financial and programmatic goals and achievements of auxiliaries are of vital interest to the campus.

Section 42401 of Title 5 states

  • Auxiliary organization activities are essential to the educational program of a campus, including service functions, and are an integral part of the campus program and shall be so operated. The objectives (applicable to this EM) of the auxiliary organizations are as follows:
  • (b) To provide the fiscal means and management procedures that allow the campus to carry on activities providing these instructional and service aids not normally furnished by the state budget, and
  • (d) To provide fiscal procedures and management systems that allow effective coordination of the auxiliary activities with the campus in accordance with sound business procedures.

Section 42402 of Title 5 states

  • The president of each campus is responsible for the educational effectiveness, academic excellence, and general welfare of the campus over which he presides. As stated, auxiliary organizations operate as an integral part of the overall campus program. Therefore, for the president to exercise his responsibility over the entire campus program, he shall require that auxiliary organizations operate in conformity with the policy of the Board of Trustees and the campus.

Therefore, in order to ensure that the mission of the University is met, the following shall be campus policy:

  • The proposed formation of an auxiliary shall be reviewed and approved by the President.
  • Auxiliary organizational and management structure shall be approved by the President to ensure the timely, consistent, and effective execution auxiliary goals to assist the campus in achieving the mission of the University.
  • When annual budgets are submitted to the President for approval, auxiliary organizations shall also present their goals for that budget year.
  • By December 1 of each year, auxiliary organization shall report to the President on the programmatic and/or financial accomplishments of the auxiliary's activities from the previous academic/fiscal year.