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Office of the President

Minor Changes to the BS in Microbiology

Executive Memorandum 96-009 May 20, 1996

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Minor Changes to the BS in Microbiology


Upon the recommendation of the Provost, I approve minor changes to the BS in Microbiology in the Department of Biological Sciences within the College of Natural Sciences. An 8-unit introductory sequence of BIOL 006A and BIOL 006B has been added to replace the 11-unit sequence of BIOL 009, BIOL 010, and BIOL 012 from the Core. This reduces the course requirements for the Major from 72-73 units to 69-70 units. The lower-division units have been reduced from 35-32 units. This was effective Fall 1995.