Office of the President

Minor Changes to the BA in Music

Executive Memorandum 96-020 May 13, 1996

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Minor Changes to the BA in Music


Upon the recommendation of the Provost, I approve minor changes to the BA in Music in the Department of Music within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts. MUS 006A will change to MUS 006 - Listening and Learning. MUS 001A - Theory 1, MUS 001B - Theory 2, and MUS 010A - Theory 3, will be reduced from 4 units to 3 units. MUS 004A and B - Aural Musicianship, MUS 008 - Computer Literacy for Musicians, MUS 150C - Music History, and MUS 162 - Music from a global Perspective, will be added. MUS 006B, 015, 017, 018, 019, 102, 200A and B will be deleted. The total number of units required in the core has been reduced from 33 to 30 units. Total units required for the major have been reduced from 53-70 to 50-67. These changes are effective Fall 1997.