Office of the President

Auxiliary Responsibilities

Executive Memorandum 98-026 February 05, 1998

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Auxiliary Responsibilities


The authority for CSU auxiliary organizations and their purposes are derived from the Education Code. The sole purpose of CSU auxiliaries is to serve the University. As appropriate, auxiliaries must also be responsive to their state and federal corporate nonprofit status. Existing CSU, Chico auxiliaries are the Research Foundation, University Foundation, and Associated Students.

It is CSU, Chico policy that campus auxiliaries exist to support the University's mission and the strategic plan, which implements that mission as determined by the President of the University. Specific obligations of campus auxiliaries are to provide University-approved services and financial support for the mission and strategic plan of the University.

(Education Code, Section 89900; California Code of Regulations, Title V, Sections 42401-2, 42500)