Office of the President

California State University, Chico's Community Outreach Role

Executive Memorandum 98-043 May 20, 1998

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: California State University, Chico's Community Outreach Role


There has been concern expressed recently about the various ways that the University interacts with the community. CSU, Chico, with the help of its University Advisory Board, has carefully and thoughtfully reviewed its role in the broader community and has developed this policy which will guide our decisions in supporting our educational mission and serving the community.

California State University, Chico is a comprehensive university with diverse responsibilities to the state, our students, and the local community. First, and foremost, we must provide access for all qualified students and we must do so with a limited resource base. This means we must reduce costs whenever possible while at the same time providing students with the environment and resources which will facilitate their success. Campus-based services fulfill two essential functions. They provide low-cost quality services to students, faculty, and staff and at the same time enhance the learning environment. University services also provide jobs and learning opportunities for students, serving in effect as need-based scholarships. Maximizing campus resources, then, is a responsibility of the institution.

The University also has an obligation which extends beyond the borders of the campus. We have a responsibility to serve as good neighbors to the community of which we are a part, and we have a responsibility to support appropriate economic growth and development. We do so for two reasons: the community benefits and our students are provided with enhanced learning opportunities. Historically, Chico State's mission is to educate the citizens and future leaders of the state of California and to contribute both to society and to its immediate community through research and service. This mission is pursued through classroom activities, internships, scholarship, and pure and applied research. Service to the external community is accomplished through volunteer activities of students, faculty, and staff, contracted services of faculty, and partnerships between campus entities and public agencies and private enterprises.

To accomplish its mission, the University supplements its allocations from the state through tuition and fees, charges for educationally related services, fundraising, and partnerships with public and private entities. In all cases, the University's intention is to support its educational mission and to serve its community.