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Office of the President

Approval of General Education Courses - Area B

Executive Memorandum 99-010 March 29, 1999

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Approval of General Education Courses - Area B


Following review by the General Studies Advisory Committee and the recommendation of the Provost, I approve General Education (GE) status for the following courses:

B1 The Physical Universe

  • CHEM 004 (NEW)
  • CHEM 027
  • CHEM 037
  • GEOS 001
  • GEOS 002
  • GEOS 005
  • GEOS 030
  • PHYS 001
  • PHYS 002A
  • PHYS 004A

Note: PHYS 002B and PHYS 004B,C currently have GE status, but since the first course in each sequence is a prerequisite to the subsequent courses, it suffices to designate only the first course as the GE course.

B2 Life Forms

  • ANSC 002
  • ANTH 011
  • BIOL 001
  • BIOL 003
  • BIOL 004
  • BIOL 008/008H
  • PSSC 002

GE status for the B1 and B2 courses listed will be effective fall 1999 and continue through the next normal review cycle.