Office of the President

Policy on Risk Management Program; Superceded by EM 04-001

Executive Memorandum 00-052 June 19, 2000

To: Campus Community

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Policy on Risk Management Program; Superceded by EM 04-001


The University has an obligation to safeguard the property assets of the institution and to provide an environment that is safe for faculty, staff, students, and the general public. Consistent with these responsibilities and with The California State University Risk Management Policy (Executive Order 533), a Risk Management Program has been created.

The Risk Management Program encompasses all policies and practices of the campus and has as its focus the reduction or elimination of losses experienced by the campus. It shall be the objective of the Program to identify and implement ways to reduce or eliminate personal injury or property damage or loss caused by negligence or wrong doing, whether these activities are sponsored by the campus or occur on CSU-owned or -controlled property.


The University Risk Management Committee shall serve as the principal advisory body to the President and the Cabinet on risk management issues. The scope of the Committee's responsibility shall include situations which present the potential for

  • Physical damage to property
  • Liability or loss as a result of injury to others
  • Losses as a result of criminal acts
  • Losses that result from the death or disability of employees

Functions of the Committee

  • Oversee development of the campus Risk Management Program.
  • Identify and evaluate areas of risk by
    • Overseeing a physical inspection of the campus
    • Reviewing the various academic and research programs
    • Reviewing extra-curricular programs and activities
    • Reviewing contracts, leases, and insurance policies
  • Determine compliance with the various state and federal hazardous waste laws
  • Assist in the formulation and implementation of the campus Risk Management Plan
  • Provide on-going oversight of the campus Risk Management Program
  • Report annually, each May, to the President on risk management issues, or more frequently if necessary

The campus Risk Manager shall serve as staff to the Committee.