Office of the President

Policy on Institutes and Centers; Supersedes EM 89-034

Executive Memorandum 02-007 March 15, 2002

This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by 18-018 .

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Policy on Institutes and Centers; Supercedes EM 89-034

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and with the concurrence of the Provost, I approve the new Policy on Centers and Institutes. This EM supercedes EM 89-034.


The Provost's Office shall maintain a list of all current institutes and centers (and similar entities* ) at CSU, Chico and a charter or similar document for each. All currently operating institutes and centers shall forward a copy of their charter or similar document to the Provost's Office by June 30, 2002, if one is not already on file there. Institutes and centers that do not provide such documentation will be subject to the discontinuance process described herein. The charter (or its equivalent) will include:

  • The entity's name,
  • A brief description of the entity,
  • The contact person or office (with phone, e-mail, web address), and
  • A description of the entity's relationship to the University's organizational and policy structures.

A list of institutes and centers that meet the definition of such in the CSU Executive Order 751 (PDF)** (or its successors) will be made available to the Office of the Chancellor on an annual basis.

During the planning phase for any new institute or center to be created within existing academic units, faculty in those units should be informed of the specific plans and given opportunity to comment. The plans prepared should address the expected impact on curriculum development and delivery, on the resources of the units, and on professional development opportunities.

The Educational Policies and Programs Committee of the Academic Senate will conduct a review of each newly proposed or reorganized institute or center appropriate to its impact on the educational programs and resources of the University. The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Chair of the Educational Policies and Programs Committee will jointly determine the extent of the review. A model for such review is the consideration given to proposals for new courses and programs.

Each institute or center will be included in the strategic plan and regular review processes of the unit having authority over it. The strategic plan component for each institute or center should address its impact on curriculum development and delivery and on the resources of the host unit and describe any professional development opportunities it offers.

Institutes and centers which offer professional development opportunities shall inform the campus community of these.

The process for discontinuing a campus institute or center will follow the process for discontinuing courses or programs; the specific process will be jointly determined by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Chair of the Educational Policies and Programs Committee of the Academic Senate.

* This policy also covers similar entities that facilitate the conduct and dissemination of research, perform public service, or provide special training, including those that use titles such as "Research Group," "Council," "Bureau," "Field Station," "Consortia. "

**"Centers, institutes, and similar organizations are entities affiliated with California State University campuses to offer non-credit instruction, information, or other services beyond the campus community, to public or private agencies or individuals. "