Office of the President

Recognition Plaques and Landscape Enhancements

Executive Memorandum 02-097 August 12, 2002

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Recognition Plaques and Landscape Enhancements



Occasionally, individuals have approached the university about recognizing or honoring a friend or family member by making a donation to the university in the form of a plaque or object, which enhances the campus landscape. Stand-alone plaques on pedestals or monuments do not create the aesthetic impression that we desire for CSU, Chico’s physical environment. Recognition plaques on functional objects, such as benches and planters, are preferable to those on pedestals or monuments.


Landscaping enhancements to recognize individuals shall be functional in nature to add to the physical learning environment of the University. Such objects of recognition may include such items as benches, trees, masonry planters, pedestrian walkways, tables, shrubs, and lampposts. Typically, they will not include pedestals or monuments.

Recognition plaques may be permanently affixed to such functional objects in a manner that will minimize the maintenance and potential vandalism to such an item. However, recognition plaques shall not be placed with trees or shrubs.

A number engraved atop a 4-inch square redwood post shall identify trees and shrubs designated for recognition. A small 3.5-inch square brass plate may be affixed to the post front, inscribing the name and text of the individual to be recognized.

The standard university design of recognition plaques shall be as follows:

  • Plaques shall be fabricated of cast bronze. Aluminum, steel, or imitation materials are not acceptable.
  • Maximum size shall not exceed 18 inches in width or 12 inches in height.
  • The plaque background texture shall be leatherette or pebbled.
  • The plaque background color shall be dark bronze or dark brown.
  • The plaque highlight finish shall be satin, not polished.
  • The typeface font shall be Optima, which is the standard university font.

Prior to plaque fabrication, the Executive Assistant to the President shall approve the plaque text and design.

Landscape enhancements and recognition plaques shall only be placed in locations designated by the latest version of the Landscape Development Plan. The plan defines specific landscape enhancements that are compatible with the surrounding architecture of a particular area on university property. Recognition plaques or landscape enhancements that have received prior approval by the Campus Planning Committee shall not require additional approval upon subsequent changes to the Landscape Development Plan.

Donated landscape enhancements shall include funding toward an endowment to provide continued maintenance, renewal, and replacement. The amount of funding depends upon the cost and expected life cycle of the enhancement.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Associate Vice President (AVP) of University Advancement, after consultation with the Vice President for University Advancement (and Cabinet, if needed), shall initiate any requests for recognition plaques and objects and shall coordinate the recognition plaque text and design approval with the Executive Assistant to the President.

Upon plaque approval, the AVP of University Advancement shall send a project request form, together with the account to be charged, to Facilities Management and Services for the procurement and installation of the plaque and object.

Facilities Management and Services shall complete the project request expeditiously and provide an estimated date of completion to the AVP of University Advancement.

The AVP of University Advancement, or his/her designee, shall coordinate any dedication ceremonies and presentations for the individual to be recognized.