Office of the President

Enrollment Management Advisory Committee; Supercedes EM 02-074

Executive Memorandum 02-109 June 22, 2010

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Enrollment Management Advisory Committee; Supercedes EM 02-074


Charge of Committee

The charge of the Enrollment Management Committee is to meet regularly to participate fully in the development of policy, procedures, standards, and criteria relative to all facets of enrollment management, including but not limited to student recruitment, admissions policy, orientation and advising, data analysis, financial aid and housing policies, persistence and retention programming, campus community development, student/faculty connections, and student degree completion.


In selecting members of the committee, sensitivity to the cultural diversity of the campus and participants' cultural competence will be essential. The Enrollment Management Committee shall include the following:

Eight full-time faculty members, one faculty member chosen from each college and Information Resources for three-year staggered terms, nominated/recommended by college deans or faculty, and selected by the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. The Executive Committee shall make appointments to fill vacant positions in May of each year.

  • Chair of the Academic Senate (or designee)
  • Associated Student Body President (or designee)
  • One Statewide Academic Senator
  • An academic dean, chosen from the Dean’s Council
  • One representative from Student Affairs appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
  • Director of Admissions
  • Chair of the Staff Council
  • One representative from a local community college in the CSU, Chico service area appointed by the CSU, Chico president
  • One community member from the CSU, Chico University Advisory Board appointed by the chair of the University Advisory Board

The chair and chair-elect of the committee shall be determined each year at the last meeting in May from the full-time faculty members on the Committee. The term shall be for one year and shall be renewable. The chair-elect will normally assume the position to chair for the following year, from June 1 to May 31, unless he or she is unable to serve. In that case, the committee will choose a new chair and chair-elect.


To monitor and make recommendations on enrollment target decisions during the decision-making process in accordance with the calendar of the university enrollment processes.

To recommend changes in enrollment practices necessary to support student academic goals and achieve the short- and long-term goals of the academic programs.

To provide and publish agenda and minutes of meetings on a regular basis and to provide analysis, evidentiary support, and recommendations on enrollment-related matters as needed to the campus community.

To the extent consistent with campus autonomy and campus self-governance, monitor implementation of CSU Enrollment Management Policy (CSU AS-2482-00/AA - January 20-21, 2000. Available upon request. )


The first committee meeting of each academic year will be called by the chair of the Educational Policies and Programs Committee during September.

The first meeting will be an orientation session with the Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, who will provide the committee with timely information concerning present enrollments and prediction on enrollments for the remainder of the academic year and likely enrollments for the following academic year.

Committee recommendations will be reported directly to the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate.

The committee shall present a report to the Academic Senate each spring.