Office of the President

Master’s of Social Work Program Policies and Procedures for Transfer of Credit

Executive Memorandum 03-023 December 19, 2003

From: Scott G. McNall, Provost and Interim President

Subject: Master’s of Social Work Program Policies and Procedures for Transfer of Credit


Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate, I approve Policies and Procedures for Transfer of Credit to the Master's of Social Work Program, effective fall 2003.

California State University, Chico School of Social Work Master’s of Social Work Program Policies and Procedures for Transfer of Credit

Under general university policy, course work may be considered for transfer into a master’s degree program if it was completed at a regionally accredited institution within the master’s degree program time limit, is graduate level and acceptable in a master’s degree program at the school where it was taken, and has not been counted toward any previous degree. The California Education Code (Title 5) requires that students be allowed at least five years and no more than seven years to complete all master’s degree requirements. The CSU, Chico MSW program has a five-year time limit for students to complete all program requirements.

Transfer of Social Work Courses from Other Institutions:

CSWE Accredited Programs

The MSW Social Work Program accepts up to 30 units of transfer credit for foundation social work graduate courses taken at other CSWE-accredited MSW programs. Only social work courses with a grade of B or higher can be used as substitutions for the required course work in the program. In order to be considered for transfer status, students must be in good standing with the transferring institution and apply during the regular application cycle between October 1 and March 1.

Students who have started and completed the first half of their graduate study at another accredited school of social work within the last four years may apply directly to the advanced year of the two-year program. They must have a cumulative GPA at the transferring institution of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and a B or better in all required social work courses, including the field practicum. All program requirements must be met within the five-year time limit.

Transfer students who have not completed all requisite foundation content required in the CSU, Chico MSW program must complete that content prior to beginning the advanced year of the program.

Transfer credit is determined through a review process on a course-by-course basis. The MSW Director, with consultation as needed from faculty teaching the content area, determines course equivalency by reviewing the transfer course syllabus, assignments, textbook table of contents, catalog description, and academic transcript provided by the student. If the MSW Director approves the equivalent course from another institution, the student will receive transfer credit. If the course is similar but not equivalent, the student may be required to take a proficiency examination. The course will be treated as equivalent and the student will receive credit if the examination is passed with a grade of B or higher.

Transfer of credit for the field practicum will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Transfer credit will not be given for the advanced year. However, if students have had a course similar to a concentration course in the CSU, Chico MSW curriculum and received a B or higher, the course may be considered for waiver by the same process used for transfer of credit. In this case, students will substitute the course that has been waived with an elective.

Other Master’s Degree Programs

The MSW program may accept up to six units of elective credit from CSU, Chico or another regionally accredited college or university provided:

  • The course work transferred represents valid graduate credit from the institution accredited to offer master’s degree level work and willing to accept such credit toward its own master’s degree;
  • The coursework has not been counted toward another degree;
  • A grade of B or better has been earned;
  • The credit is within the program time limit (all program requirements must be completed within five years; at the time of admission, the course should be no more than three years old for two-year students);
  • The credit is consistent with the mission, goals, and objectives of the CSU, Chico MSW program;
  • The credit is not for a practicum; only practicum credits are given for transfer students from other CSWE-accredited MSW programs.
Each course will be evaluated according to the same methods used for evaluating courses from CSWE-accredited programs.

No credit will be approved for correspondence courses, continuing education courses, or for life or employment experience.

CSU, Chico MSW Courses Completed Prior to Admission to the MSW Program

Post-baccalaureate students who take CSU, Chico MSW foundation courses prior to admission to the MSW program may count up to six units of such courses provided a grade of B or better was earned and the work was completed within the program time limit.