Office of the President

University Public Safety Advisory Committee; Supercedes EM 79-018

Executive Memorandum 05-007 May 19, 2005

This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM 21-028 .

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Revisions to University Public Safety Advisory Committee; Supercedes EM 79-018


The purpose of the University Public Safety Advisory Committee is to act as advisory body to the President, Cabinet, and Academic Senate, to promote the cause of safety throughout the University campus, and to increase public safety among all members of the CSU, Chico community. The Advisory Committee will assist in describing the means for involving the CSU, Chico Police Department in achieving the University's goals of creating an environment which is most conducive to the mission of the University.

The committee will

  • identify the current public safety issues that impact the CSU, Chico community;
  • stay informed of current issues facing law enforcement throughout the CSU system as well as the state of California by working with the CSU, Chico Chief of Police;
  • act as liaison between its constituents and the CSU, Chico Police Department;
  • receive a monthly summary of the activities of the CSU, Chico Police Department and meet as appropriate to address critical public safety issues faced by the CSU, Chico community;
  • submit an annual written report to the University President. In addition, the chair of the committee will meet with Academic Senate and Cabinet annually and with various constituency groups as needed.
  • examine and provide recommendations concerning matters of public safety, particularly changes in current policies/practices or matters that may impact the privacy or civil liberties of members of the academic community.
The President of the University will designate the committee chair by July 1st of each year.

Membership shall be composed as follows:

  • Two students appointed by the AS President;
  • Two faculty members appointed by the chair of the Academic Senate;
  • One staff member recommended to the President by the Chair of the Staff Council;
  • One college dean appointed by the Provost;
  • One supervising officer of the CSU, Chico Police Department as recommended by the Chief of Police;
  • A member of the community, who may be from the University Advisory Board, appointed by the University President

With the exception of students, these appointments shall serve on the committee for a minimum of two years.

In addition to these members, the following will also serve as ex officio members of the committee:

  • The Chief of the CSU, Chico Police Department
  • The Dean of Undergraduate Education (or designee);
  • The Assistant Vice President for Student Life (or designee);
  • The Director of Environmental Health and Safety (or designee);
  • The Director of Facilities Management Services (or designee;
  • The Director of Risk Management (or designee).