Office of the President

Revisions to EM 95-004, University Budget Committee

Executive Memorandum 05-017 November 10, 2005

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Revisions to EM 95-004, University Budget Committee.

On the recommendation of the Academic Senate and concurrence of the Provost, I approve implementation of EM 05-017, Revisions to the Policy Establishing the University Budget Committee. This policy supercedes EM 95-004, and is effective immediately.



The charge to the Committee is to meet regularly to review the relationship of academic programs and campus budget; to provide timely participation by faculty and students in budget processes; to propose broad strategies for adjusting the academic programs and budget to one another; and to review the effects of their implementation before adoption by the University.


  • The Academic Senate Executive Committee
  • One at-large faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate Executive Committee
  • An academic dean, chosen by the Dean's Council
  • Chair of the Staff Council or annual appointed
  • The President of the Associated Students
  • The Vice President for Finance of the Associated Students


The Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of the Academic Senate will serve those respective offices on the University Budget Committee.

Staff to the Committee

  • Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Vice Provost, Human Resources
  • Vice Provost, Planning, Resource Allocation, and Evaluation
  • Budget Officer


To monitor and make recommendations on budget decisions during the decision-making process in accordance with the calendar of the university budget processes.

To consult on an ad hoc basis with the Provost's office, the Fiscal Administration Committee, and university officers prior to budget decisions that will affect academic programs.

To recommend changes in budget formulation and allocation procedures necessary to achieve the short- and long-term goals of the academic programs.

To provide and to publish agendas and minutes of meetings on a regular basis and to provide analysis, evidentiary support, and recommendations on budget-related matters as needed to the campus community.


The first committee meeting of each academic year will be called by the Chair of the Academic Senate during September.

The orientation session will be conducted during September.

The Provost, Vice President for Business and Finance, and other relevant officers will provide to the committee timely budget information necessary to the group's performance. (See Section VII)

Committee deliberations, recommendations, and findings will be reported directly to the appropriate Vice President and the President.

The Committee will report to the Academic Senate annually and in special circumstances as may be deemed appropriate by the committee or the Senate.

Budget Information

At a minimum, the following materials will be regularly provided to the UBC:

Document - Originating Office

Annual Plans of Academic Programs - Provost

Provost Office agendas - Provost

Fiscal Administration Committee agendas and minutes - Vice President for Business and Finance

Deans' Task Force reports - Provost

Chancellor's Office Budgetary Subcommittee agendas and reports - Appropriate Campus Administrator

Budget and Planning option originating in the Chancellor's Office - Appropriate Campus Administrator