Office of the President

Changes to General Education Breadth Area C3 and Upper-Division Themes C, G, and Q

Executive Memorandum 07-016 July 03, 2007

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Changes to General Education Breadth Area C3 and Upper-Division Themes C, G, and Q


Following review by the General Studies Advisory Committee (GEAC) and the recommendation of the Provost, I approve the following changes to General Education (GE) Breadth Area C3 and Upper-Division Themes. These changes are effective fall 2007.

Breadth Area C3 Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities Studies

Remove: MJIS/PHIL 386 - Philosophy of Judaism

Upper-Division Themes - Cultural Diversity Status - Applies to Area

Theme C: Cross-Cultural Exploration

1 Course Selected From

PSSC 390 - Food Forever - Non-Western - B/D

1 Course Selected From

CHST/SPAN 354 - Chicano Literature - Ethnic - C/D

ENGL 353 - Multicultural Literature - Ethnic - C/D

1 Course Selected From

ANTH 368 - Indigenous Peoples of Latin America - Non-Western - D/C

AAST/ASST 300 - Asian Studies: Contemporary Social Problems and Prospects - Non-Western - D/C

AFRI 300 - Contemporary Problems/Prospects - Non-Western D/B

HIST/MEST 362 - Middle East: Society and Culture - Non-Western - D/C

INST 327 - Social and Institutional Elements of International Trade (New) - D/B

SOCI 354 - Interethnic Contacts - Non-Western D/C

Theme G: Global Issues

Foundation - To be taken first

1 Course Required

RELS 332 - World Religions and Global Issues - C/D

1 Course Selected From

GEOS 370 - Energy in the Human Environment - B/D

PSSC 392 - World Food and Fiber Systems - Non-Western - B/D

Capstone - To be taken last

1 Course Selected From

ABUS 390 - World Food and Hunger Issues - Non-Western D/B

GEOG 303 - Geography and World Affairs - Non-Western D/B/C

POLS 341 - Introduction to International Relations - D/C

Theme Q: International Studies Abroad

Students who participate in the London Semester or in the CSU International Program in France (Aix-en-Provence or Paris), Spain (Madrid or Granada), or Italy (Florence) are eligible to complete two out of the three required courses for this upper-division theme during their study abroad. The third upper-division course must be taken at Chico and must be selected from approved courses in science (see below). Early and frequent consultation with the theme coordinator is indispensable.

Note: Theme P, London Semester, is now incorporated into Theme Q.

BIOL 302 - Evolution (New) - B

*Note: You may select another approved science course; see theme coordinator.