Office of the President

Executive Memoranda 2009

List of Executive Memoranda (2009)
09-001January 20, 2009 Graduate School Constitution; Supercedes EM 76-017 and EM 77-007
09-002February, 2009 Not Issued
09-003March 09, 2009 Approval for a New Option: Professional Science Master (PSM) Option within the Master of Science in Environmental Science
09-004March 26, 2009 Approval for Deletion of Patterns: Editing and Publishing, Language and Literacy, Theatre Arts
09-005March 26, 2009 Approval to Delete the Single Subject Matter Preparation Program in Social Science
09-006June 09, 2009 Animal Welfare Policy; Revises EM 93-001; Superseded and Decommissioned by EM 23-031 This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM 23-031
09-007July 01, 2014 University Policy on Hospitality Expenses; Rescinded
09-008July 01, 2009 Nepotism Policy; Replaces EM 05-016
09-009September 22, 2009 Approval for New Certificate Program: Professional Sales
09-010August 27, 2009 Grading Symbols, Minimum Standards Governing the Assignment of Grades, Policies on the Repetition of Courses, Academic Forgiveness and Grade Appeals; Supersedes EM 08-013 and EM 92-013; Based on EO 1037
09-011August 27, 2009 Study Abroad Advisory Committee
09-012October 27, 2009 Approval of New BA in Chemistry
09-013December04, 2009 California Pavement Preservation Center Approval
09-014December 04, 2009 Interdisciplinary Center on Aging Approval
09-015December 14, 2009 Approval for New Minor: Animal Science
09-016December 14, 2009 Approval to Move the MA in Teaching International Languages from the School of Graduate, International, and Interdisciplinary Studies to the College of Communication and Education
09-017December 14, 2009 Approval to Move the Special Major BA/BS from the School of Graduate, International, and Interdisciplinary Studies to Undergraduate Education