Office of the President

Approval of a Minor Change to the BA in Economics

Executive Memorandum 13-081 November 26, 2013

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Approval of a Minor Change to the BA in Economics

Upon the recommendation of the Provost, I approve a minor change to the BA in Economics. This change rearranges the curriculum as a result of the discontinuation of the three options within the program. The major core units will increase from 24-25 to 27-28. The number of required core courses will increase from five to six. ECON 495 will move from the list of required courses to an elective section where the student will choose either ECON 495 or ECON 499H as the writing proficiency course for the major. ECON 380 and MATH 105 will be added to the list of required courses. The options will be replaced with 12-13 units of Economics Area Electives. The student will choose two courses from two of four areas: International Economics, Environmental Economics and Public Policy, Financial Economics, and Quantitative Economics. The student will also choose four courses from any 300-400 level elective Economics courses. The number of units for the major will change from 42-57 to 51-53. This change will be effective Fall 2014.