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Office of the President

Approval of Significant Change to the B.S. in Biochemistry

Executive Memorandum 15-013 November 6, 2015

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Approval of Significant Change to the B.S. In Biochemistry

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and with the concurrence of the Interim Provost, I approve a significant change to the BS in Biochemistry. This change will increase the number of units required of students in the major from 75-77 to 76-78. The heart of the BCHM program are CHEM 451, 452 and 453M (biochemistry courses and labs) – and all of the other courses in the program are essential pre-requisites, co-requisites and/or additional coursework required by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. This change will be effective Fall 2016.

To review supporting paperwork, please click here (PDF).