Office of the President

Executive Memorandum 2018

List of Executive Memoranda (2018)
18-001February 14, 2018 Name Change for the Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration to the Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Hospitality, and Parks Management
18-002February 14, 2018 New Certificate in Data Science
18-003February 14, 2018 New Certificate in Entrepreneurship
18-004February 14, 2018 Discontinuation of the Master of Arts in Geography
18-005March 13, 2018 General Education Program; Supercedes EM 10-001 This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM 21-023
18-006 March 16, 2018 New Minor in Interior Design
18-007March 16, 2018 Discontinuation of the Certificate in Teaching Critical Thinking
18-008March 16, 2018 Transfer the Minor in Gerontology and the Certificate in Gerontology from the School of Social Work to Social Science and Special Programs
18-009 May 10, 2018 Alcohol Service at Special Events; Supersedes EM 99-011
18-010May 10, 2018 Establishment of the Campus Vegetation and Arboretum Committee
18-011May 10, 2018 Policy on Academic Integrity and Establishment of the Academic Integrity Council; Supercedes EM 04-036
18-012May 30, 2018 Northstate Planning and Development Collective
18-013May 30, 2018 Reclassification of Multicultural and Gender Studies from Program to Department
18-014May 30, 2018 New Minor in Mathematics Education
18-015May 30, 2018 New Option in Foundational Mathematics Education
18-016May 30, 2018 Department Name Change from Health and Community Services to Public Health and Health Services Administration
18-017June 7, 2018 Significant Change to the MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering
18-018July 25, 2018 Interim Executive Memorandum for Oversight of Ancillary Units (including Campus Centers and Institutes) This Executive Memorandum has been superseded by EM EM 19-026
18-019August 13, 2018 Title IX Oversight Committee
18-020August 13, 2018 Policy on Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
18-021August 13, 2018 Executive Management Evaluation Development, Revision of EM 03-010
18-022August 13, 2018 Executive Management Selection Committee & College Dean Selection, Revision of EM 04-043
18-023August 13, 2018 Disclosing Potential and Actual Conflicts of Interest in Grants and Contracts with Nongovernmental and Certain Governmental Funders, Revision of EM 12-065
18-024August 13, 2018 Significant Changes to the BA in Liberal Studies
18-025August 13, 2018 Approval of the New Option in Multiple Subjects Credential within the BA in Liberal Studies
18-026September 21, 2018 Approval to elevate the Option in Health Services Administration within the BS in Health Science to the BS in Health Services Administration
18-027September 21, 2018 Approval of Significant Changes and a Name Change to the BS in Health Science
18-028October 11, 2018 Discontinuation of the Certificate in Hydrogeology
18-029October 25, 2018 Name Change for the Minor in Chicano Studies to the Minor in Intersectional Chicanx/Latinx Studies
18-030January 31, 2019 Academic Calendar 2019-2020