Office of the President

Lecturer Council

Executive Memorandum 19-017 May 23, 2019

From: Gayle E. Hutchinson, President

Subject: Lecturer Council

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the concurrence of the Provost, I approve the Lecturer Council, effectively immediately.


This policy applies to all unit 3 faculty who are designated as part-time or temporary faculty with any entitlement or time base.


In order to facilitate professional development and communication among lecturer faculty, as well as to provide a vehicle for highlighting issues of concern to lecturer faculty, the Academic Senate will establish a Lecturers' Council comprised of at least one lecturer faculty elected from each of the Colleges including the Library, Counselors and Coaches by the Lecturer Faculty of that unit. 

The Lecturers' Council should meet at least twice a semester and report as appropriate to the Faculty and Students Policy Committee (FASP), the full Academic Senate and/or Senate Executive Committee on progress toward achieving the aforementioned goals and other appropriate goals and strategies for supporting lecturer faculty.

Lecturer Council representatives shall serve a two year term which can be renewed.

The Chair of the Lecturer Council shall be elected by the members of the council at the first meeting of the fall semester.

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