Office of the President

University Diversity Council, Supersedes EM 12-014

Executive Memorandum EM 21-024 October 22, 2021

From: Gayle E. Hutchinson, President

Subject: University Diversity Council, Supersedes EM 12-014

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the concurrence of the Provost, I approve the University Diversity Council, effective immediately.

University Diversity Council


The University Diversity Council (UDC), led by the Chief Diversity Officer and made up of California State University, Chico staff, faculty, and students, was established in fall 2014. In aligning its mission and goals with Chico State's strategic priorities, the University and UDC are committed to fostering dynamic, high-quality and inclusive learning environments both within and outside of the classroom.

This executive memorandum establishes the UDC as a permanent committee to provide the University with expertise critical to accomplishing its equity, diversity, and inclusion goals.


The campus community encompasses a spectrum of identities, beginning with the Mechoopda land where Chico State sits to the global family that the University embraces. Further, the Black, Latinx, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native American, and International communities whose lived experiences have contributed to the foundation of our country, should be respected and given voice as part of the University’s history, curriculum, and mission. The UDC seeks to inquire about and address challenges and opportunities that further the University's position as a change agent working towards an equal and equitable society.

Recognizing that diversity of thought and lived experiences constitute the central and core values of the Academy, and that a robust and thriving democracy depend centrally on these ideals, it is critical that these values manifest in all aspects of our work. As such, the UDC is committed to anti-racist work and engaging diverse, intercultural, and intersectional viewpoints and identities to encourage and promote an atmosphere that allows all individuals to attain their greatest potential and achieve the greatest benefits from the Chico State campus community. Our understanding of diversity continues to unfold beyond considerations based on age, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, veteran or military status, national origin, immigration status, political affiliation, religion and socio-economic background, to include intellectual diversity as well.

The UDC will engage on and off-campus partners in order to provide recommendations to University Executive Leadership for implementation.

This policy applies university wide.


UDC Membership shall include faculty, staff and student representatives from the divisions of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Business and Finance, University Advancement, and the Associated Students (AS). All standing, appointed, and ex officio members of the UDC are eligible to vote with the exception of the Chair. In the event of a tie, the Chair will cast the deciding vote.

Standing members will include:

  • Chief Diversity Officer (Chair)*
  • Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion*
  • Faculty Diversity Officer*
  • Chair, Multicultural and Gender Studies or designee*
  • Director, University Communications or designee*
  • Director, Tribal Relations
  • Director, Latinx Equity and Success/HSI Initiatives
  • Associate Director, Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Termed appointments will include:

  • Academic Senate Chair or designee
  • Two faculty members appointed by the Academic Senate
  • One staff member, appointed by Staff Council
  • One academic dean, appointed by the Provost
  • Associated Students President, or designee
  • Associated Students Director of Social Justice and Equity, or designee
  • One student member, appointed by the Student Academic Senate

Ex Officio members will include**:

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee
  • Vice President for Student Affairs or designee
  • Vice President for Business and Finance or designee
  • Vice President for University Advancement or designee
  • Associate Vice President, Office of International Education and Global Engagement or designee
  • Representative from the Office of the President

*Executive Team

**Ex Officio members from each division will be made in consultation with the Executive Team of the UDC.

The Executive Team of the UDC will recommend additional appointments to the appropriate Vice Presidents prior to the first meeting of the academic year. The Executive Team will meet monthly to set the agenda for general meetings, lead workgroups to address the UDC priorities and associated key performance indicators, and consult with the Chief Diversity Officer on campus equity, diversity and inclusion issues as they arise.


Appointed faculty and staff will serve three-year staggered terms with the ability to continue consecutive terms of service. Associated Student (AS) officers will serve while in office, and the student appointed by the Student Academic Senate will serve for one academic year.


The UDC will meet monthly with associated workgroups convened at least once between each general meeting.  The Chair is responsible for calling and facilitating the meetings.  Each year the University Diversity Council will report out to the President, Academic Senate, and Associated Students officers with a summary of the work done by the UDC in the prior year, and will publish its summary report on the campus Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion website.

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