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Office of the President

Policy for Flying Flag at Half-Staff at CSU, Chico; Replaces EM 78-017

Executive Memorandum 83-015 November 29, 1983

From: Robin S. Wilson, President

Subject: Policy For Flying The Flag At Half-Staff at CSU, Chico

The following policy replaces EM 78-17 and is effective immediately


The persons authorized to order the flag flown at half-staff are:

  • President of the United States
  • Governor of the State of California
  • Chancellor of the California State University and Colleges System
  • President of California State University,Chico

The Faculty and Staff Affairs Office is designated as the primary office responsible for requesting the flag to be lowered to half-staff, and during non-duty hours the responsibility is vested in the Public Safety Office. Plant Operations personnel are responsible for lowering and raising the flag.

In addition to those occasions ordered by any of the authorized persons designated above, the flag will be lowered to half-staff in the morning and raised again at sundown on the day of the funeral or memorial service for any current member of the faculty, staff or student body (not including extension course students). If the university does not receive notification before the funeral or memorial service takes place, an expression of regret and sympathy from the university will be placed in local on- and off-campus media.

In the case of staff and faculty, the Faculty and Staff Affairs Office will inform the Public Affairs Office of the circumstances. In the case of a student, the Dean of Students Office will take the responsibility for informing both the Faculty and Staff Affairs Office and the Public Affairs Office.

The words "In Memory of," followed by the name, affiliation with the university, and other appropriate language will be placed on a card and posted in a holder provided for that purpose.

Notification of the death of retired faculty and staff will be placed in the University Bulletin.