Office of the President

Jan. 20, 2017 – Our Democracy Website

To: Campus Colleagues

From: President Gayle E. Hutchinson

Our work as a regional comprehensive University is always grounded in current events, global, national and local. Today, we witnessed the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America. The presidential campaigns and post-election events spotlight a country divided by its politics. Tensions remain high and many of our students are left wondering what the future holds.

At Chico State, our core mission is to guide our students in learning and provide support for their success. We do this through quality instruction, research, creative activity, support services, and civic engagement. We are an intellectual community characterized by reason, respect, civility, diversity, and openness of expression. We understand the importance of meaningful dialogues and courageous conversations that help students wrestle with issues and resolve challenges, and do so in ways that are respectful and build community.

Understanding that our students return to campus with questions about current events, I'd like to direct you to an additional resource to support our learning environment. A new website,, offers toolkits for engaging in constructive dialogue, tips for inclusive pedagogy, on- and off-campus resources for our community, as well as a listing of upcoming events focused on civic engagement. Chico State is an outstanding University where the Chico Experience is built upon our caring and concern for one another.