Office of the President

March 30, 2017– Campus participation in writing our WASC Institutional Report

To: Campus Community
From: Gayle E. Hutchinson, President

In mid-February, I distributed the report from my Listening Tour and discussed next steps. I write to remind and update you on our ongoing efforts to reaffirm the accreditation of the University through WASC. During the next few months, I will ask for contributions from the campus community as we embark on this effort.

In order to lead our campus in preparing our Institutional Report to the WASC Senior Colleges and Universities Commission for reaffirmation of accreditation, we will use a committee structure that includes an Executive Committee, Steering Committee and Essay Committees. Together, they comprise the Chico Accreditation Teams (CATs) led by our campus Accreditation Liaison Officer, Ben Juliano.

Each member of the Steering Committee will lead one of 16 Essay Committees charged with writing a section of our Institutional Report. The Essay Committees are responsible for demonstrating our commitment to student success, quality, integrity, accountability and transparency. Members of our Steering Committee will be reaching out to faculty, staff, and students, requesting essential input and feedback in drafting these essays. I invite your active participation in this and all phases of our WASC effort.

As expressed in my investiture address on March 3, “it is a new day on campus. We turn a page in our history and begin a fresh chapter that will expand upon a healthy legacy of achievement and service.” With campus engagement in the creation of these essays, we will recognize and celebrate the many wonderful ways we facilitate student success and identify areas where we can continue to improve. Together, we will make our institution’s WASC accreditation not just a matter of compliance but, equally important, a celebration of our collective accomplishments and an opportunity to become even stronger as a university.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to our reaccreditation effort. Following a positive reaffirmation of accreditation in 2009, it is our intention to demonstrate that we continue to advance our mission of academic excellence, student success and service to our region, the State of California, and the world.