Office of the President

October 8, 2018 – 2018 Campus Climate Survey Report

To: Faculty and Staff
From: President Gayle Hutchinson

We are pleased to support the release of the 2018 Campus Climate Survey Report. This is the third time that results of a campus climate survey or questionnaire are being shared with the campus community. The full campus climate survey was first administered in the spring of 2015, the second in April of 2016, and this survey in April 2018. 

This report contains analyzed results of the third implementation of the full campus climate survey. We recognize both positive responses and areas of concern. We encourage you to participate in the processes that will help our campus community address issues raised herein and truly hope this report, together with those that have appeared in the recent past, will continue to inform our efforts to improve and strengthen our campus culture for all who live, study, and work here.

Additionally, we would like to express our gratitude to the members of the Campus Climate Survey Working Group for their insightful contributions, thoughtful participation, and dedication. This committee has expended countless hours creating survey questions, gathering and analyzing responses, and reporting the results. 

Campus Climate Survey - Brief Summary (PDF)

Campus Climate Survey 2018 - Initial Report for Campus (PDF)