Office of the President

August 26, 2020 – Our One Shot at a Successful Fall

President Hutchinson and Associated Students President Bre Holbert sent the following message to Chico State students today strongly urging them to abide by the University's COVID-19 health and safety guidelines off campus to help prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the University can continue offering limited in-person instruction during the fall.
To: Students

Dear Students,
We are three days into the fall 2020 semester and we’ve received daily reports from concerned citizens and students regarding the behavior of Chico State students who are disregarding the health guidelines created to keep them and the community safe.

Every time a student defies the order to wear a mask, physically distance, and avoid large gatherings, it jeopardizes the one thing that all students say they want—to return to campus for the Chico Experience we all know and love.

The University will use all of its resources to identify those who flaunt the rules, be it a club, a chapter, or an individual. We will sanction all the way to removal of University support and recognition for groups, and suspension or expulsion for individuals. Flagrant violations of the Student Code of Conduct that place members of the campus community and greater Chico community in jeopardy will be dealt with swiftly by the office of Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities.

We know that most students are doing their part, but it will continue to be challenging as long as there are those who are not taking personal responsibility for maintaining safety in our community. This is a responsibility that we all must own—students, faculty, and staff. Those among us who are selfishly violating COVID-19 safety protocols are effectively stealing the college experience from those who are following health and safety guidance.

Anyone who observes unsafe behavior is obligated to speak up. Just as we would ask those in our community to report violence against another person, we ask our campus and community to be proactive and report unsafe behavior so we can help educate if needed, or sanction if necessary. Report unsafe behavior to Student Conduct, Rights, and Responsibilities here.

Finally, we must recognize what the application of the COVID-19 safety standards, like distancing, wearing face coverings, washing hands, look like when applied to college life. Here is what we expect:

• No parties—Don’t host or attend large gatherings.
• Monitor for symptoms, including fever, chills, loss of taste or smell, body aches, fatigue and persistent headache. Take your temperature if you feel you have a fever, and stay home and self-isolate if you have symptoms. Call Chico State’s COVID-19 hotline at 530-898-2222 for advice.
• Self report if you suspect you may be infected or have been exposed to someone who is infected. Report to the COVID Hotline (530-898-2222) right away, share information on who you may have come in close contact with so others can know and get assistance, and self-quarantine until cleared by health officials.

The University is already reporting COVID-19 cases on campus and to be clear, if this continues, we will be forced for the safety of our campus and the community to revert to exclusively virtual learning.

Wildcats, we believe we can do this, but so far, we have not. We want you to understand we have one shot to be successful. The campus worked diligently over the summer to prepare for the small number of in-person courses. If students don’t adhere to the Chico State COVID-19 commitments, we be forced to pivot to all-virtual instruction this fall.

Today does decide tomorrow. Be responsible and make the right choice for your education and your community.

President Gayle Hutchinson
Associated Students President Bre Holbert