Office of the President

Space Allocation

The Space Allocation Committee is tasked by EM 20-018 Policy for University Facilities Allocation and Use in assisting with the allocation and utilization of campus space consistent with the academic mission and strategic priorities of the University.

SAC is established by the President to advise and recommend policy and/or guidelines on matters regarding the long-term allocation of space and facilities. SAC has a broad range of responsibilities relating to the development, management and allocation of both existing and new university space.

Committee responsibilities include:

1. Development of university long-term space allocation policies and guidelines. 
2. Analysis, review and prioritization of requests for additional long-term space allocations submitted by campus units/divisions.
3. Analysis, review and prioritization of allocation of new or renovated space due to opening of new buildings.
4. Analysis, review and approval of requests for reassignment of space between divisions.
5. Review of ad hoc studies to improve space efficiencies and maximize space utilization.
6. SAC, in collaboration with the Campus Facilities Use (CFU) committee, will undertake an annual review of the campus facility use charges and report findings and recommendations to the President.

The current membership of SAC consists of:

Brooke Banks, Chief of Staff (chair)
Debra Larson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Sandy Parsons, Acting Vice President for Student Affairs
Ahmad Boura, Vice President for University Advancement
Ann Sherman, Vice President for Business and Finance
Angela Trethewey, Dean of the College of Communication and Education
David Hassenzahl, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences
Mike Guzzi, Executive Director of Facilities Management and Services (non-voting)
Tom Ussery, Space and Facilities Utilization Specialist (non-voting)
Stephen Cummins, Campus Facilities Use (CFU) Committee Chair (non-voting)

SAC Meeting Minutes

  • Academic Year 2016-2017