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WellCat Prevention

WellCat Prevention

AlcoholEdu Announcement
Due to technical issues with an upgrade to the system, the launch date of AlcoholEdu has been delayed. Due dates and holds will be changed to reflect the new launch date once determined. All students that are required to complete the online course, will be emailed to notify them of the new launch date. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during this situation. If you have any questions, please feel to email


Mission Statement

WellCat Prevention is committed to providing evidence-based educational programs and services that raise campus awareness about alcohol and drug misuse. WellCat Prevention strives to engage, enable, and empower students to make responsible and healthy choices, especially in areas where substance misuse is a concern. 

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to create a campus-wide, pro-active approach to alcohol prevention, which will result in a healthier and safer campus for our students. 

  • To counteract the belief that consuming alcohol is an essential part of the college student tradition 

  • To create an environment where alcohol is not the center of student life 

  • To encourage a spirit of mutual cooperation and concern between students and the community on responsible use of alcohol 

  • To educate students about the potential hazards and dangers of excessive alcohol use 

  • To help students achieve their full academic, personal and career potential via healthy lifestyle choices 

  • To reduce the incidence of alcohol related absenteeism, vandalism, acquaintance/ date rape, violence and death among our student population 

  • To reduce the amount of binge drinking on our campus 

  • To train students on the importance of being a positive empowered bystander