WellCat Prevention

Wildcat Party Guide

Tips for hosting a safe and responsible party.  Check out the PDF version of our party guide here (PDF).


  • Attend a Wildcats ROAR! Alcohol training provided by WellCat Prevention
  • Communicate with housemates and neighbors about your plans
  • Set a limit on the size of the party
  • Avoid open invitation, invite only those you know and trust
  • Lock rooms that are off-limits to party guests and keep valuables in a safe place
  • If serving alcohol, have a way to identify those who are over 21
    • Know that serving alcohol to minors can have serious legal consequences


  • Provide plenty of non-alcoholic beverages, especially water
  • Serve food so guests don't drink on an empty stomach
  • Plan other activities so alcohol is not the only focus of the party
  • Do not serve beverages from a communal punch bowl
  • Do not charge for alcohol (e.g. cover charges), or you could be fined
  • Keep guests on the property, it is illegal to consume alcohol on public streets
  • Stop providing alcohol to guests about two hours before the end of the party


  • Help clean up as soon as possible, especially any trash left outside on the street
  • For guests who are intoxicated, find a sober driver or call an Uber
  • Make sure everyone gets home safely, you could be held responsible if an alcohol related accident happens after a party
  • Never let an intoxicated guest leave the party alone or with strangers

Keep In Mind

  • if police arrive, stay calm and courteous
  • Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and call 911 if someone is in trouble
911 Good Samaritan Law

The 911 Good Samaritan Law states that a person is immune from criminal prosecution for an offense when the person reports, in good faith, an emergency drug or alcohol overdose even to a law enforcement officer, to the 911 system or to a medical provider. 

This same immunity applies to persons who remain at the scene of the event until a law enforcement officer or an emergency medical responder arrives, or if the person remains at the facilities of the medical provider until a law enforcement officer, emergency medical responder or medical provider arrives. The immunity described above also extends to the person who suffered the emergency drug or alcohol overdose event.

Know The Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

  • Slow breathing
  • Irregular breathing
  • Blue or pale skin
  • Low body temperature
  • Confusion
  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Passing out

Alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency.  Call 911 for emergency medical services.