WellCat Prevention

AlcoholEdu® for College


California State University, Chico has a commitment to the safety, health and wellness of our campus community.  As part of our alcohol and drug prevention program, each new student is required to complete the mandatory AlcoholEdu® for College on-line program.  AlcoholEdu® for College is a two-part, online evidence-based, non-judgmental prevention, and education program. 

AlcoholEdu® is a separate requirement than the Title IX Not Anymore Training, which all students are required to complete as well.

Used on more than 550 campuses nationwide, AlcoholEdu uses science-based research to educate students about alcohol and its effects. Whether you drink or not, AlcoholEdu® for College will empower you to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and help you better cope with the drinking behaviors of your peers.  Regardless of your views about alcohol, we want you to have an understanding of the effects and risks that go along with drinking.


Holds are placed when Part 1 of AlcoholEdu® has not been completed by the stated deadline.  Holds are automatically lifted after a student has completed the program with a score of 80% or higher.  If you have completed the program with a score of 80% or higher and your hold is not lifted within the next hour, please give our office a call and we can assist you.

Accessing AlcoholEdu®

To take AlcoholEdu®, you will need a computer with Internet access (use a major web browser less than two years old) and audio capabilities. If you do not own a computer, the computer labs located in Merriam Library, Tehama Hall, Bell Memorial Union, or University Housing offer Internet access and audio capabilities.

To begin AlcoholEdu®:

  1. Sign in to your CSU Chico Portal account at http://portal.csuchico.edu.

  2. Click on the tab marked "My Updates". Then click on the link inside the AlcoholEdu® section of the page. This will take you into the AlcoholEdu® system.

  3. On the registration page, you may be asked for additional information to complete the creation of your account. You will not need to create an additional username or password.

  4. You may log in and out of the program at the end of each section. Section ends are marked with a "Next" button. DO NOT log out until you click the "Next" button, or you will have to repeat the section you have just completed.

  5. To access AlcoholEdu® again later, simply repeat steps #1 and #2.

Should you experience any technical difficulties with AlcoholEdu®, the AlcoholEdu Online Technical Support Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply click on the “Help” button located in the upper right-hand corner of every AlcoholEdu® for College screen or call 1-866-384-9062.

If you experience difficulties with the CSU Chico Portal, please contact the Student Computing Help Desk at 530-898-HELP.   If you have questions about the AlcoholEdu program requirement in general, please contact WellCat Prevention at 530-898-6450 or alcoholedu@csuchico.edu.

AlcoholEdu Update - 7/28/2021

AlcoholEdu has been launched. All students required to complete the training will receive emails this week. All students have received an email with a link to complete the program, and it can also be accessed through the Student Portal. Part 1 is due August 20, 2021 and Part 2 is due September 24, 2021.Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during this situation. If you have any questions, please feel to email alcoholedu@csuchico.edu.