University Printing Services

Glossary of Terms

Understanding the following terms will help you communicate more efficiently with Printing Services:

Alterations—We understand that occasionally changes need to be made to jobs in progress. We will work with you to accommodate these emergencies as they occur, however, there will be an additional expense involved. If your project budget is tight, it is suggested that you request a revised cost before authorizing the changes.

BleedsBleed is a printing term that is used to describe a document which has images or elements that touch the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge and leaving no white margin. When a document has bleed, it must be printed on a larger sheet of paper and then trimmed down. For assistance preparing your print files for bleeds, please refer to our Bleed Setup Help Sheet (PDF), and contact Customer Service with any questions at (530)898-5992.

Cancellation—Orders placed can be canceled. However, Printing Services will need to bill the department for any expense incurred up to the point of cancellation.

Color Proofing—Reasonable variations in color must be expected between color proofs and the completed job. This is due to differences in equipment, processing, proofing materials, paper, inks, and pigments. However, every effort will be made to print your job as close to the specified color as possible. Note that the colors displayed on a computer screen do not necessarily match inks used in the printing process.

Copyright—It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that no copyright or proprietary rights are violated when reproducing material. We will not reproduce copyright protected materials without appropriate permission.
If you would like more information regarding copyright in our educational environment, please visit the web site for CETUS, the Consortium for Educational Technology for University Systems. It is a highly informative site with a focus on higher education.

Customer Provided Stock—In most cases, this is not a cost-effective strategy. Printing Services purchases all stock and other materials necessary to complete any job request. We get volume discounts and have special state purchasing contracts with vendors. It is unlikely that individual customers would be able to purchase stock at a lower cost than Printing Services. Furthermore, you run the risk of incompatibility with our equipment and systems with outside purchases. If you are providing stock or other materials, sufficient quantities of provided materials will be required to cover normal production setup and spoilage. If you feel you have a project that would benefit from provided materials please contact Customer Serviceat (530) 898-5992 for a consultation.

Editorial Review—Executive Memorandum 02-96, University Publications: “…all university publications intended for off-campus audiences or wide distribution on campus will be reviewed by the publications editor prior to publication. This policy applies to printed publications, including all program/department brochures, newsletters, pamphlets, recruitment materials, and new program Web pages” ( By logging in and placing an order, you acknowledge that you have followed the appropriate procedure for review.

Refer to University Communications Department's Visual Identity Overview (PDF) for helpful identity and design guidelines. For more information, contact University Communications at

Electronic Files—Please maintain a copy in your department of any electronic "originals" that are submitted for printing. Sometimes unpredictable things can happen to electronic files in transit and we do not want your only copy to be the one that comes up with "gremlins."

Estimate—An estimate is a price based on your specifications. All prices are based on material costs at the time of the estimate. If details have changed from the original request, we will re-estimate the job at the time of submission.

Impressions—The number of originals times the number of copies equals total impressions (# originals x # copies = impressions).
Example: 15 originals x 20 copies = 300 impressions

Order Number—This is the number printed on the upper right corner of your NowPrint receipt. This is how all jobs are tracked in Printing Services. Any inquiries regarding jobs or billing must include this number.

Over-runs and Under-runs—Every effort will be made to provide you with the exact amount you have ordered. However, a reasonable amount of over-run or under-run must be expected if your job is complex. (The industry standard is 10%.) If you require a guaranteed exact quantity, please let us know before we start your job.

Proofs—Some jobs require a signed proof from the customer. The job will not be reproduced until a signed, proofed copy has been returned to Printing Services. If you require a proof, please request this when you submit your work request.