Executive Memoranda 1989

EM #DateTitle
89-001January 18, 1989Approval for Changes to French Minor
89-002January 25, 1989Revised Policy on Adaptive Testing for Disabled Students
89-003March 01, 1989Revision to Campus Policy on Alcoholic Beverage; Replaces EM 85-004; Emended by EM 90-038; Superceded by EM 99-011
89-004February 08, 1989Emendation of Executive Memorandum 86-003, Instructional Computing Advisory Group (ICAG)
89-005February 06, 1989Reciprocity for Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Certification; Replaces EM 83-012
89-006February 08, 1989Faculty Recognition and Support Committee; Revisions to EM 86-009
89-007February 09, 1989Emendation of EM 79-018
89-008February 06, 19891989-1990 Writing Proficiency Courses
89-009March 03, 19891989-90 Academic Calendar; Revision to EM 88-102
89-010March 24, 1989University Teacher Education Council; Superceded by EM 07-012
89-011March 15, 1989Approval for Renaming the Option in Personnel and Industrial Relations
89-012March 27, 1989Campus Policy on Controlled Substance Abuse
89-013April 11, 1989Approval for Revisions to the BS in Nursing
89-014April 11, 1989Position Classification Plan; Replaces EM 77-016 and VPA 78-19
89-015November 27, 1989Policy on Challenging Courses
89-016May 09, 1989Establishment of the Research and Development Council: Replaces EM 86-010 and 87-007
89-017April 19, 1989Formation of the Department of Construction Management
89-018May 23, 1989Revisions to Student Grievance Procedures; Supercedes EM 86-011; Superceded by EM 92-011
89-019May 19, 1989Approval for Minor in Manufacturing Management
89-020June 12, 1989Approval for New Subject Matter Area Designations
89-021June 12, 1989Approval for Honors in the Major Program for Physical Education
89-022June 07, 1989Internship Policy
89-023June 22, 1989Approval for MS in Electrical Engineering
89-024July 10, 1989Approval for International Business Minor
89-025July 27, 1989Approval for Certificate in Chemistry
89-026July 31, 1989Approval for Revisions to Special Education Program for the Learning Handicapped and Severely Handicapped Specialist Credentials
89-027August 08, 1989Department of Human Communication Studies
89-028August 08, 1989Formation of the Department of Journalism
89-029September 20, 1989Approval of Revisions to BS in Construction Management
89-030September 28, 1989Deletion of Option in International Business
89-031October 18, 1989Guidelines for Discontinuing Programs
89-032November 08, 1989Approval for the Minor in Management of Human Resources
89-033November 20, 1989University Scholarship and Awards Program; Replaced by EM 08-006
89-034December 06, 1989Policy on Institutes and Centers
89-035December 19, 1989Policy on Sexual Harassment; Supercedes EM 85-001; Superceded by EM 91-012
89-036December 21, 1989Policy on Integrity in Research