Executive Memoranda 2017

EM #DateTitle
17-001February 15, 2017Approval of New Undergraduate Certificate Program in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations
17-002February 16, 2017Academic Calendar 2017-2018
17-003March 27, 2017Grant Related/Specifically Funded Instructional Faculty Classification Policy
17-004May 25, 2017Statement on Final Exams; Supercedes EM 98-11
17-005August 21, 2017CSU, Chico International Bridge Program
17-006September 5, 2017Discontinuation of the Option in Local Government Management within the Master of Public Administration
17-007September 5, 2017New Minor in Food Science
17-008September 5, 2017Name Change for the Minor in Exercise Science to Sport Performance
17-009September 5, 2017Writing Across the Curriculum Program and Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement
17-010September 21, 2017Significant Change to the BA in International Relations
17-011September 22, 2017Academic Calendar 2018-2019
17-012October 3, 2017Course Numbering Policy; Supercedes EM 84-001, 88-053, 90-037, 03-021, and 08-025
17-013October 23, 2017Adjunct Appointments at California State University, Chico
17-014October 30, 2017Discontinuation of the Minor in Information Technology