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We are all a part of one psyche.
We are OnePsych.

✰Our Mission✰

Join us to make connections and explore academic and professional opportunities in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences at CSU Chico.

All majors & non-members welcome to join meetings.
No membership fees.

What we offer:

  1. A well-rounded undergraduate experience (time commitment - 2hrs/month)
  2. Professional and personal growth
  3. Convenient networking in your areas of interest
  4. Explore majors/minors, internships, volunteer opportunities, clubs, graduate schools, career paths, resources & build connections with students, faculty, industry professionals, alumni, and more
  5. Strengthen your resume
  6. Grow your career interests
  7. Meet new people

Our meetings are HYBRID so no one is left out!

Meeting times
2/2/202212:00PM1:00PMBMU 303
2/2/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 312
2/16/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 312
3/2/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 304
3/30/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 304
4/13/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 304
4/27/20225:00PM6:00PMYolo Lawn
5/11/20225:00PM6:00PMBMU 304

or join on Zoom
{Meeting ID: 769 955 6220; Passcode: ChicoState}

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