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Procurement & AP Procedure Updates - Effective 7/1/19

Procurement & Contract Services & Accounts Payable have updated several procedures which will streamline processes and clarify use.  Below are links to the new procedures and their associated forms.   Feel free to reach out to your Procure to Pay team with questions. 

Supplier Direct Pay –  Use this process when issuing payment directly to a supplier for ads, subscription, memberships, and film rentals.

Procedure: Supplier Direct Pay Procedure

Form: Supplier Direct Pay

Reimbursement to Campus Employees – Use this process when reimbursing an employee for non-hospitality business expenses between $151 and $999 (reimbursements below $150 should use the Petty Cash process). 

Procedure: Reimbursement to Campus Employees Procedure

Form: Employee Reimbursement (non-hospitality)

Hospitality Procedure – Use this process for ALL hospitality related expenses whether paying a supplier through the requisition/PO process or reimbursing an employee for a University-related hospitality expense.   See the chart below for a summary of changes.

Procedure: Hospitality Procedures

Form: Hospitality Expense Request

Hospitality Procedure Summary of Changes


New Procedure

(beginning 7/1/2019)

Old Procedure

(ending 6/30/2019)

Participation Incentives: (for non-CSU Chico employees) 

Yes – procedure defined

No (did not address participation incentives) 

Awards & Prizes: Morale Building, appreciation, recognition, and employee length of service awards (w/5 years of service) 

Yes with business purpose, infrequent and requires VP approval 

Usage undefined 

Business Meals w/ employees only 

Yes with business purpose, infrequent, and not for convenience 


Business Meals w/ official guest 

Yes with business purpose 

Yes with business purpose

Promotional items for non-CSU Chico employees 



Promotional items for CSU Chico employees 

Yes, if part of morale building, recognition, appreciation activity and with VP approval 

No (yes if using non-general fund monies) 

FAQ Section

Yesmore detailed explanation of use

No, info was in chart