Procurement & Contract Services


Starting October 2023, Chico State started using CSUBUY as a Procure-to-Pay platform for transactions, purchases and payments.  It is the current method of doing business with the University.  

  • For registered and/or invited suppliers ONLY. Please use the following link to access your Supplier Portal. 

Requesting a New Supplier

  • To request a new supplier, please start by searching for the supplier in CSUBUY. search for suppliers
  • If the supplier doesn't come up in your search. Please fill out a Request New Supplier Form in the Quick Links section on the upper right side on the CSUBUY main page. request a supplier
  • When requesting a new supplier, please make sure to provide a contact email for someone who will be able to provide financial and legal information about the company. The required information includes (but is not limited to) the following:
    • Tax identification number 
    • Company structure and organization 
    • Banking information 
    • How payments should be made 
  • Suppliers will receive their invitation emails from
  • Please use the following detailed guide (PDF) for requesting suppliers and learn some Pro Tips!

Supplier Extension Request

My supplier came up in my search but is not showing up when entering a form, what is the issue?
  • If you run into this issue, the supplier has been onboarded with another campus and you need to submit a Supplier Extension Request form. 
  • if your supplier is showing a registration status of approved, check their profile, click on Supplier 360 and check the MBU IDs to check if Chico (CHXCO) is included. mbu
  • If the Chico business unit (CHXCO) is not listed under the MBU section, submit a Supplier Extension Request by scrolling down to Showcases and clicking on the form. extension