Quality Online Learning and Teaching

Other Course Redesign Programs in CSU

The CSU Chancellor’s Office offers several programs to aide Course Redesign with Technology(opens in new window). The Quality Assurance/ QLT program is just one of those programs.

Your course may qualify for funding through one of these other programs. Please contact contact CELT(opens in new window) to learn more. You may also wish to consider applying for Academy e-Learning(opens in new window).

Course Redesign with Technology(opens in new window)

Proven Course Redesign is focused on CSU “Lead” faculty sharing their designs of their course where they have accrued evidence of the strategies’ success for improving student learning. “Adopting” faculty across the CSU then choose to adopt and adapt that proven strategy in their own courses.

Promising Practices(opens in new window)

Promising Practices is a program focused on local campus course redesigns that have not yet been proven to increase student success and/or that address local campus bottlenecks.

Virtual Labs(opens in new window)

Virtual Labs can be integrated with in-class lectures and, when used with a hybrid-flipped lab model, with two tracks of online and in-person labs alternating every week, have the potential to increase student learning and positive attitudes towards science while simultaneously reducing bottlenecks.

Sustaining Success(opens in new window)

With the completion of funded projects in Proving Course Redesign, Promising Practices in Course Redesign, and Virtual Labs, it is important to sustain and disseminate the impact of those projects throughout the CSU and well beyond. The focus is on going beyond the initial project in a way that extends the work and outcomes of the project.