Quality Online Learning and Teaching

QLT Rubric

In general, a rubric is a tool used to evaluate documents, performances, etc.  A rubric is also a useful tool for communicating expectations. The QLT rubric is designed to help faculty evaluate their online courses and to implement changes to facilitate learning. Faculty can complete self-evaluations or request peer-evaluations.

The QLT rubric addresses 10 areas of importance for online courses including:

  • Course Overview and Introduction
  • Assessment of Student Learning
  • Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized
  • Student Interaction and Community
  • Facilitation and Instruction
  • Technology for Teaching and Learning
  • Learner Support and Resources
  • Accessibility and Universal Design
  • Course Summary and Wrap-up
  • Mobile Platform Readiness

CSU QLT Informal Review Instruments(opens in new window)