Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT)

Why Should I Apply?


  • Get financial, pedagogical, and technical support to assess the quality of your online course, and aim toward:
    • Greater student engagement.
    • Increased accessibility and access to course content (e.g. captioned videos).
    • Decreased opportunities for plagiarism and cheating.
  • Potential for Department/College/Campus/System-wide recognition.

Process Overview

Chico State has a variety of tools, resources, and assistance to aid faculty improve the quality of their online courses. Many of these resources are readily available on this web page or via the Technology & Learning Program (TLP)(opens in new window), IT Support Services (ITSS)(opens in new window) and Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)(opens in new window).

Faculty may use the QA/QLT tools (including the QLT repository and rubric) for self-evaluation and course improvements. However, sometimes faculty are looking for extra support to aid and/or fund their course redesign or improvements. Faculty accepted into Chico State’s Quality Assurance/QLT program receive help from: TLP, the QLT faculty lead and/or faculty mentor. There is a local/system-wide course review. Faculty will also receive professional development funds as available.

How to Apply