Rural California Nursing Preceptorships

Applications & Information

Thank you for your interest in the Rural California Nursing Preceptorship (RCNP) Program.  We suggest you begin by reading the brief Program Overview that we have provided to better acquaint you with the program. 

Program Overview (PDF)

Application Content

The following items comprise your completed application. Please follow the specific instructions given for each item.

Submitting Your Application
Unfortunately due to staffing shortages, applications for summer are on hold right now. We will update this as information becomes available. 

All application materials must be submitted by mail. The only exception will be the Assessments, which are to be forwarded to the RCNP Coordinator via email as instructed (see above).

Mailing Address:
California State University, Chico
Attn: RCNP Program 
400 West First Street 
Chico, CA 95929-301 

Priority Applicants
Applicants are selected based on: 1) strength of recommendations, and 2) quality of completed application. One half of all placements are reserved for current CSU, Chico, Butte, Shasta, and Simpson University nursing students, however these students are still subject to the requirements and deadlines outlined above. The remaining slots are filled with students attending other colleges and universities, RN Refresher students and RN graduates.

CSU, Chico Refresher Students  
Refresher students may apply while concurrently participating in a refresher program; however, they must be "refresher course completed" before they are able to participate in an RCNP clinical placement.