Rural California Nursing Preceptorships

Eligibility for The Program

RCNP Eligibility (PDF)

  • Students must be in good standing at their academic institution 
  • Progress in Nursing School 
    • ADN students - no more than 1 semester left in program at the time of participation 
    • BSN students - no more than 2 semesters left in program at the time of participation 

New Graduates 

  • New graduates are defined as having graduated no more than one year prior to the time of application. For example, a May 2022 graduate would be classified as a new graduate for the Summer 2023 session 
  • Unlicensed graduates will only be accepted the session immediately following their graduation. For example, a May 2022 graduate could only participate in the Summer 2022 session 
  • Unlicensed graduates must not have failed NCLEX 

Licensed RNS 

  • Must have a current RN license 
  • Licensed RNs that have been out of acute care for more than two years must complete a refresher course 
  • Licensed RNs that graduated more than 2 years ago and haven’t worked in acute care must complete a refresher course  
  • All refresher courses must have been completed within the past two years
  • Licensed RNs on probation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out directly to RCNP staff