Rural California Nursing Preceptorships

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I apply?

    Placements are available during summer and winter session. The application period for summer participation opens in January; the winter application period opens in August. The program is very popular and placements are limited. Fifty percent of placements are reserved for current CSU, Chico, Butte College and Shasta College students. The remaining slots are filled with students from other colleges and universities, RN refresher students and RN graduates..

  • How much will it cost?

    All applications are subject to a $25 application fee. In addition, the program fees are as follows:

    Fee for Licensed RNs (graduated more than a year ago)

    Rural Hospitals: $1500

    Semi-Rural Hospitals: $2000

    Suburban and Urban hospitals: $2500


    Reduced Fee for students and newly graduated RNs (no more than one year since graduation at the time of participation)

    Rural Hospitals: $1000

    Semi-Rural Hospitals: $1500

    Suburban and Urban hospitals: $2000

  • How does the placement process work?

    All clinical placements are made in the Northern California area.  RCNP Map. The RCNP Coordinator is dedicated to providing the student with the best clinical experience available in the specialty area the student desires.

  • How long is the preceptorship?

    The placement period lasts a minimum of four weeks. Each participant will work full-time to complete 150 clinical hours.

  • When does the preceptorship begin?

    The placement period lasts a minimum of four weeks. Each participant will work full-time to complete 150 clinical hours.

  • Who will be my preceptor?

    Preceptors are selected, based on their availability and their willingness to work effectively with a student. The RCNP Program Coordinator works with preceptors who enjoy teaching in a style that combines monitored independence coupled with appropriate clinical supervision.

  • Who provides advising and supervision?

    The RCNP Program coordinator is available for advising any time during the application and placement period. During the placement period the coordinator will make every attempt to visit the student "on site." During the preceptorship, the preceptor is the student's immediate supervisor.

  • Senior-level nursing students must meet the following criteria:

    • BSN students – must have one or more full semesters remaining at the time of application.
      Students scheduled to graduate at the end of current semester are not eligible for participation.
    • ADN students – can only apply during the 3rd semester (or 4th quarter) of their program.
    • All students – must be in good academic standing, have exhibited exemplary conduct, and have performed at a high standard—both academically and clinically in their school’s nursing program.Who's eligible to participate?

    New nursing graduates (unlicensed) must meet the following criteria:

    • Students may apply in their final semester of their nursing program to participate in the next RCNP session. For example, those graduating in Fall, may apply for the winter session starting in December.
    • New graduates are not eligible beyond the RCNP session immediately following their graduation.

    Registered nurses 

    • New graduates who are recently licensed.
    • Currently practicing RNs looking for additional training in specialty areas.
    • Nurses who have not practiced in an acute care setting for more than two years will need to complete a nursing refresher course before they are able to participate in the program. Applications from such nurses can also be considered if the RN-applicant is currently enrolled in an RN refresher course.

    We also accept requests from healthcare facilities for their staff RNs to receive additional training.

  • Is academic credit available for students?

    Academic credit is not offered for participation in the RCNP program.

  • Are CEUs available for RNs?

    No unfortunately, the BRN will not permit CEUs for this sort of experience.

  • When will I know if I've been accepted?

    Applicants will be informed within 3 weeks after the deadline.