Rural California Nursing Preceptorships

Rural California Nursing Preceptorships - RCNP

About the Program

The Rural California Nursing Preceptorship (RCNP) Program is designed to give student nurses and graduate nurses (RNs) an opportunity to gain clinical experience in a rural or semi-rural setting. We also have suburban/urban placements for those wanting to gain more specialized training in high acuity settings. The opportunities are varied and encompass a large geographic area in Northern California. The placement period lasts approximately four weeks (150 hours). During this time, students work one-on-one with a preceptor, engaging in as much independent nursing practice as their skills permit. To learn more please read the Program Overview (PDF) or contact us

Build Confidence and Competence

Imagine engaging in a unique clinical nursing experience that builds confidence and competence. The RCNP Program is designed to give students and graduate nurses (RNs) an opportunity to work one-on-one with an RN preceptor(s), engaging in as much independent nursing practice as their skills permit. Participants are able to tailor their experience to meet their goals and objectives in a supportive and personalized educational environment.


We offer two sessions per year, one in summer and one during winter break. Please see the Eligibility page to see if you qualify and the Apply page to access the application instructions and documents.

Applications are due:

  • Winter Session: Sept 20th
  • Summer Session: Feb 20th

RCNP Pricing Update

We have updated our pricing model to allow us to continue to cover our program expenses while offering more affordable options for participants experiencing financial barriers. We understand that choosing a rural site may come with additional travel or room/board expenses. For this reason, and because encouraging the exploration of rural nursing is one of our primary missions, we are offering this as our most affordable option. We have expanded our placement options and reduced participation fees in all three hospital location classifications. We are also not currently requiring application fees. If selected for participation in the program, required fees will be collected at a later date and more details will be provided in an acceptance letter

RCNP Program Fees:

RCNP Program Fees
Hospital Location ClassificationFee for Licensed RNsReduced Fee for students and new grad RNs
Rural Hospitals$1000$500
Semi-Rural Hospitals$1500$1000
Suburban and Urban Hospitals$2300$1800

Visit our Locations page for a list of hospitals and their classifications.