Apply to REACH

The REACH application(opens in new window) for the 23/24 academic year is now open. To apply, click on our application link. We will be in touch shortly after you apply. Thank you for your interest in REACH!

Application Process

To become a part of the REACH Program you will need to do the following:

Online Application
Complete the quick and easy online application. You’ll receive a confirmation email indicating that we have received your application. You will be notified whether or not you have been admitted into the program by June 1st.

Get Help Signing Up for REACH Courses
If admitted, we'll continue to communicate with you via e-mail about course registration into our required courses, and will encourage you to sign-up and attend Summer Orientation.

Meet Your Peer Mentor
Before the semester begins, you will be contacted by your peer mentor who will begin getting to know you and will give information about our welcome activities.

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What to Expect

Find out what it’s like to be a part of the REACH program at Chico State.