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Wildcat Gaming Lobby

  • System Specs & Info
    • System Type: MSI Codex R (Tower)
    • Processor: Intel Core i7 11700KF 3.6 GHz
    • Graphics Card: NVIDA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
    • RAM / Total Installed Size: 16 GB
    • Hard Drive Capacity: 1 TB SSD
    • Software-Operation System: Microsoft Windows 10
    • Monitor: MSI Optix MAG273R2 27” Full HD 1ms response time
    • Keyboard: MSI Vigor GK30
    • Mouse: MSI Clutch GM30
  • Operational Hours

    Spring 2024

    Monday: 12pm-5pm

    Tuesday: 12pm-9pm

    Wednesday: 12pm-9pm

    Thursday: 12pm-9pm

    Friday: 12pm-9pm

    Saturday: Closed

    Sunday: 2pm-6pm

  • Cost

    FREE to all regularly enrolled, fee paying Chico State students.

  • Games

    The Wildcat Gaming Lobby offers a wide variety of gaming options from PC gaming, console gaming, board games, and arcade games.

    Click here for a list of specific offerings (opens in new window)

  • Code of Conduct

    At the Wildcat Gaming Lobby, we stand by the Anykey GLHF Pledge. To be a part of our community and play in the arena, you agree to these standards.

    To learn more about AnyKey or to personally take the pledge, please visit

    1. Be a good sport whether I win or lose
    2. Know that people online are real people, and my words have real impact
    3. Set a positive example with my behavior
    4. Speak up against discrimination, hate speech, harassment, and abuse
    5. Show integrity by honoring the rules, my opponents, and my teammates
    6. Stop, listen, and reassess if I’m told that my words or actions are harmful
    7. Respect others, even if their sincere opinions are different from my own



  • Wildcat Gaming Club

    Looking for a more competitive environment or a place to meet other gamers? Contact the Wildcat Gaming Club for more information:

    Widget with Wildcat Gaming Club logo (and link to CatsConnect Page), Widget with Instagram logo (attached) and Wildcat Gaming Club Instagram link:

  • FAQ

    Do I need to pay to play in the Wildcat Gaming Lobby?

    There is currently no additional cost to the Wildcat Gaming Lobby for current regularly enrolled, fee-paying Chico State students.

    Is the Wildcat Gaming Lobby open during holidays and University breaks?

    Modified hours will occur during university breaks, holidays, summer session, major weather events, dead week, and final exams.

    Who is allowed access to the Wildcat Gaming Lobby? What will I need to provide in order to access the space and services?


    Currently, Chico State students, faculty, and staff are allowed to utilize the Wildcat Gaming Lobby. You must present your Chico State ID to the front desk staff in order to gain access to the space.

    What games/systems do you offer?

              Click here for a list of specific offerings (opens in new window)

    Can I reserve a PC or Console ahead of time?

    Currently, there are no reservations required to play on a PC or console. Our gaming management platform is currently working on an integrated reservation system which we may look to implement in the future.

    Can my group reserve the Wildcat Gaming Lobby?

    Yes! Reservations are welcome. Reserve the Wildcat Game Lobby(opens in new window).

    Do I have to be an experienced gamer to use any PC/Console in Wildcat Gaming Lobby?

    No. We welcome all students with any type of gaming experience in our space. If you are new to gaming, please let us know and our staff will be happy to assist you in learning about the PC or Gaming Consoles.

    Are personal gaming items allowed in the Wildcat Gaming Lobby?

    Laptops, tablets, portable gaming consoles (connected via WiFi) are allowed in the Wildcat Gaming Lobby. Personal Desktops/Rigs/Consoles are not allowed in the space.

    Are Food & Drink allowed in the Wildcat Gaming Lobby?

    For safety and cleanliness, no food and/or drink on tabletops at computers and console areas. Drinks are allowed, if placed on the floor in a sealed, leak proof container.

    Can I bring in Personal Belongings Skateboards, Bikes, Scooters, etc?

    Bags and personal belongings must be stored either in a locker or under the desk at all times. Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters are not allowed in the Wildcat Gaming Lobby.

  • Reporting

    To report incidents that go against the Code of Conduct, or Wildcat Gaming Lobby Rules and Policies please email

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