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Recreational Sports

Sign Up to Play

Create a Team

Team captains must complete the following tasks (in order) to create a team:

  1. All team registrations must be completed online(opens in new window)
  2. Please be sure to review IM Sports Policies
  3. Complete the respective sports Captains Quiz
  4. Once team has been created online, payment is processed and captains quiz passed, the team will be placed in its' requested league and division.

Join a Team

To join a team each player must complete the tasks below.
When joining a team, a participant does not have to pass the Captain's Quiz or pay the Intramural Team Fee.

  1. Review Sport Rules
  2. Review IM Sport Policies
  3. You will receive an invitation from your team captain. This email will direct you on how to join a team through the intramural website

Having trouble joining a team? Contact the team captain.

Free Agent

Participants who would like to play intramural sports but who do not have a team may register as a Free Agent. Every effort is made to try and get Free Agents onto a team but, unfortunately there are no guarantees.

Joining a Free-Agent team can be done online

Print out these steps to "Becoming a Free Agent"** to help you get registered.

Please Note: Free Agents do not have to pass the Captains Quiz or pay the Intramural Team Fee