Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems

Constantin Raether

Staff Research Associate

Constantin Raether graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.S. in botany and is a current graduate student in the M.S. biology program at CSU Chico. His focus has been primarily in plant ecology and plant/insect interactions, and he enjoys sustainability projects and field work. 

Constantin has a wide range of experience including running a small organic farm for a non-profit on a reservation in South Dakota to insect and plant pest management on a national park and national monument. Since moving to Chico in 2018, he has been involved in multiple projects including remapping and categorizing the trees of the CSU Chico campus, teaching introductory biology lab courses, and mapping and surveying for rare plants across Northern California.

When not working, Constantin’s personal interests and hobbies include rock climbing, birding, looking for native wildflowers, and sewing. He also enjoys spending time with his cat and reading non-fiction books.

Portrait of Constantin Raether